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Bruce Markham, PhD

President and CEO


President and CEO at Diapin Therapeutics. Bruce Markham also is Chief Scientific Officer at Phrixus Pharmaceuticals in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He previously served as mentor-in-residence in the Office of Technology Transfer at the University of Michigan and as a drill instructor at the Ann Arbor SPARK entrepreneurial boot camp. Prior to Diapin and Phrixus, he was a research fellow at Pfizer and Parke-Davis in the cardiovascular area, where he brought several compounds to the clinical candidate stage, was a member of the Cardiovascular Licensing Team, the Global PPAR team and led the Heart Failure and Hypertension Disease teams. He was an Associate Professor of physiology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, as well as an Established Investigator at the American Heart Association.  Dr. Markham received his B.A. degree from Western Michigan University and his PhD degree from Michigan State University. He received his post-doctoral training in molecular genetics and cardiovascular physiology at the University of Arizona. 

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